Foaling Alarm Repairs

We specialise in common British or German alarms, but will try to help you with any other system.

At present Luda alarms will not supply technical details of their alarms that have all become obsolete. We are happy to investigate any problems, but they are very difficult to mend, so we cannot guarantee success. Please try referring back to the manufacturer as they said they are happy to help where they can (May 2018).

Some transmitters and receivers contain modules that are now obsolete and cannot be repaired. There are no alternatives available, so we are always looking for parts for spares. Please contact us if you have alarms, working or not, for sale.

The cost of the repairs will depend on the price of replacement parts and the labour involved. Postage is at cost and units are usually returned in the packaging used to send them to us.

If you know that you have a minor repair, like a damaged antenna or sensor cable, you should consider having the unit serviced. Usually, the repair will be included in the price of the service.

We offer free telephone or e-mail advice (preferred) about your servicing or repairs and will tell you if it is not economic to undertake them.

We do everything we can in urgent cases. We have even made deliveries ourselves and talked through DIY repairs with owners. The foaling alarm information page of this web site has a downloadable fault finding guide for a common type of alarm.