Equine Interaction

A fully interactive experience, which can be adapted to the individual group or person, designed around a well trained equine.

I have spent years retraining and developing a high level of trust and respect between me and my equines.

Throughout this continual journey we have developed activities that demonstrate the mutual trust and respect that we share. This is clearly demonstrated by the work we do and the benifits we have brought to the countless people of all ages that we meet.


* One-to-one interaction

* Confidence building

* Team building

* Responsibility

* Group activities

* Demonstrations

* Grooming

* Groundwork Instruction

* Ridden Instruction


* Stroking the equine.

* Leading the equine.

* Grooming the equine.

* Asking equine to do leg lifts.

* Asking equine to stand on a step.

* Asking equine to walk over a tarpalin.

* Rolling or kicking the ball to the equine so he can roll or kick the ball back.

Reduction of stress levels

Just being able to have contact with cats, dogs and other animals can reduce stress levels.

Confidence and achievement

Having short term goals of carrying out commands correctly increases self-confidence and creates a sense of achievement at the completion of the tasks.


Grooming or stroking the equines coat, mane and tail is calming and relaxing.

Increased movement

Increased movement can be encouraged by wanting to stroke the equine and interacting with him by doing actions that act as commands to ask him to carry out actions and activities.

Motor skills and co-ordination

Whether you are learning motor skills and hand/eye co-orditation or if you have lost some of your motor skills or hand/eye co-ordination due to illness or age, you can be happy in the knowledge that you are unlikely to hurt an equine when you are petting them because they are larger and less fragile than some smaller animals.


No matter what your age or ability level, you will have the opportunity to interact within your capabilities.

Groundwork lessons

Increases confidence and self-esteem as you learn to maneuver the equine with your body language.

Increases self-awareness because you have to concentrate on the volume of your body language.

Ridden lessons

Increases confidence, balance and fitness as you learn to use your core muscles to carry your weight correctly.

Ridden & ground work demonstrations

Can be used to give people goals to work towards.

Demonstrations such as dressage to music and natural horsemanship demonstrations can be fun, interesting and entertaining to watch.