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PRODUCT PRICE LIST - Available from BE-Equine.

07982 813628 elaine@be-equine.co.uk


Straight Herbs

Agnus Castus1kg£12.75
 Aniseed Powder
 Boswellia Powder
 1kg £13.45
 Boswellia Powder
 3kg £34.45
 Burdock Root
 Celery Seeds
Chamomile Flowers1kg£18.00
Comfrey Leaves1kg£12.15
Dandelion Leaf1kg£14.17
Devil's Claw Root1kg£23.25
Fenugreek Seeds1kg£5.55
Garlic Grains1kgPOA
Garlic Grains3kgPOA
Garlic Granules1kgPOA
Garlic Granules3kgPOA
Garlic Powder1kgPOA
Garlic Powder3kgPOA
 Hawthorn Berries
 Hawthorn Leaves & Flowers
 Liquorice Root
 Liquorice Powder
 1kg £17.25
Marigold Flowers (Calendula)
 Milk Thistle Herb
Milk Thistle Powder500g tub
 Milk Thistle Powder
Nettles with Stalks1kg£10.49
Psyllium Husk1kg£20.00
 Psyllium Husk
Raspberry Leaf1kg£11.99
Rosehips Fine Cut1kg£15.99
 Rosehips Whole
 1kg £9.99
 Valerian Root
 Vervain 1kg £13.49
 White Willow Bark
 1kg £15.75
Turmeric1kg refill£5.42
Turmeric1kg tub£6.40

Mixed Herbs

Clivers & Marigold1kg£15.00
Linseed & Fenugreek3kg£11.55
Seaweed & Rosehips3kg£18.75
Winter Glow/Summer Shine3kg£14.19
Winter Glow/Summer Shine12kg£48.25
Winter Glow/Summer Shine Performance3.5kg£15.90
Winter Glow/Summer Shine Performance14kg£54.25
Calming Mix900g£17.00
Veteran Mix2.4kg£15.53


Brewers Yeast1kg bag£6.90
Brewers Yeast1kg tub£8.25
Brewers Yeast3kg bag£17.82
Epsom Salts1.5kg tub£4.88
Epsom Salts3kg bag£6.75
Limestone Flour3kg bag£3.75
Seaweed1kg bag£3.98
Seaweed3kg bag£10.49
Mag-Need1kg tub£23.01
Mag-Need2kg tub£43.73
Biotin Extra1.5kg tub£11.37
Biotin Extra1.5kg bag£9.87
Biotin Extra3kg bag£19.35
Selenium & Copper1.5kg tub£18.75
Straight Cooked Linseed3kg bag£9.38
Whole Uncooked Linseed3kg bag£6.00

Liquid Supplements

Cider Vinegar5 litre£10.85
Cider Vinegar2.5 litre£5.95
Cod Liver Oil2 litrePOA
Cod Liver Oil4 litrePOA
Linseed Oil4 litre£20.71
Linseed Oil2 litre£11.25
Soya Oil5 litre£13.23
Soya Oil2.5 litre£7.45

Movement Supplements

Flexi Limbs550g£25.50
Flexi Limbs1.1kg£43.73
Flexi Limbs2.2kg£76.95

Equus Health Sourced Salt Licks

Small Licks1kg£3.45
Medium Licks3kg£6.68
Large Licks5kg£8.77

Equus Aloe Vera Products

Aloe Vera Juice1 litre£12.15
Aloe Vera Juice4 litre£39.36
Aloe Vera Gel250ml£7.13
Aloe Vera Spray250ml£7.13

Miscellaneous Equus Recomended Products

Equus Ozvet Cut & Wound Cream250g£16.06
Equus Ozvet Sun Off250g£16.06
Flint’s Yard Itching?400ml£14.95
Ainsworth Recovery Remedy10ml£6.20
Ainsworth Emergency Spray21ml£9.90
Tea Tree Oil10ml£4.96
Lavender Oil10ml£8.56
Citronella Oil10ml£4.50
Citronella Oil50ml£9.00
Citronella Oil100ml£15.30
Gastro-Kalm Activated Charcoal1kg£24.75
Gastro-Kalm Activated Charcoal500g£13.50
Flowers Of Sulphur500g£8.10


Accident Aid7g£7.66
Aconite 200c7g£6.66
Apis Mel 30c7g£6.66
Arnica 30c, 200c & 1M7g£6.66
Arsenicum Album 30c7g£6.66
Belladonna 1M7g£6.66
Bellis Perennis 200c7g£6.66
Bryonia 200c7g£6.66
Caladium 30c7g£6.66
Calc Fluor 30c7g£6.66
Calendula 200c7g£6.66
Carbo Veg 200c7g£6.66
Colocynthis 30c7g£6.66
Echinacea 30c7g£6.66
Gelsemium 200c7g£6.66
Graphites 30c7g£6.66
Hypericum 200c7g£6.66
Kali Phos 30c7g£6.66
Malandrinum 200c7g£6.66
Mixed Pollens7g£7.66
Mudfever Aid7g£7.66
Nux Vomica 200c7g£6.66
Rhus Tox 200c7g£6.66
Ruta Grav 200c7g£6.66
Sarcoid Aid7g£7.66
Scutellaria 200c7g£6.66
Silicea 30c7g£6.66
Sweet Itch Aid7g£7.66
Sulphur 30c7g£6.66
Symphytum 30c7g£6.66
Thuja 30c & 200c7g£6.66
Special Order Tablets7g£9.90
Arnica Cream60g£11.70
Arnica Cream120g£19.80
Calendula Cream60g£11.70
Calendula Cream120g£19.80
Thuja Cream60g£11.70
Thuja Cream120g£19.80
Homeopathy Book


Barrier H5 litre£60.21
Super Plus Fly Repellent Spray1 litre£15.93
Super Plus Fly Repellent Spray500ml£11.97
Super Plus Fly Repellent Refill1 litre£14.58
Super Plus Fly Repellent Refill500ml£10.35
Super Plus Fly Repellent Gel500ml£13.14
Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent Spray500ml£11.34
Enhanced Formula Fly Repellent Refill500ml£9.90
Livestock Louse Powder500g£10.62
Parasite Repel5 litre£73.08
Parasite Repel Spray500ml£9.45
Tick Control Spray1 litre£27.63
Pesky Pest Wash5 litre£73.08
Pesky Pest Wash1 litre£16.56
Pesky Pest Wash500ml£9.45
Anti Itch Soothing Shampoo5 litre£53.37
Anti Itch Soothing Shampoo1 litre£11.88
Anti Itch Soothing Shampoo500ml£7.74
Lavender Wash5 litre£59.38
Lavender Wash1 litre£12.69
Lavender Wash500ml£7.92
Revitalising Wash5 litre£46.17
Revitalising Wash500ml£6.39
Grass & Stable Stain Remover Spray400ml£11.97
Free Flow & Shine200ml£15.75
Tangle Free & Silky Spray500ml£8.28
Event Grease5 litre£59.76
Event Grease1 litre£16.65
White Ice1 litre£14.94
Fungicidal Hoof Oil Black500ml£6.30
Fungicidal Hoof Oil Natural500ml£6.30
Heel To Hoof Soothing Cream1 litre£26.37
Heel To Hoof Soothing Cream250ml£8.46
Citronella Fresh Spray500ml£10.35
Equine V15 litre£103.95
Equine V11 litre£26.73
Anti-Bacterial Skin Spray200ml£6.57
Purple Spray500ml£12.15
Sunburn Soother250ml£7.11
Anti-Bacterial Eye & Nose Lotion200ml£6.30
Sheath Cleanser250ml£9.90
Yum-Yum Anti-Bite Spray400ml£8.10
Embrocation Spray500ml£10.35
Glitter Bling Spray250ml£6.30
Natural Flea & Tick Spray
V1 Spray Disinfectant Spray500ml£3.58
Pesky Pest Shampoo & Conditioner250ml£5.49
Instant Avocado Coat Conditioner250ml£4.86
Red Mite Powder500g£11.34
Red Mite Concentrate500ml£18.72
Scaly Leg Spray500ml£12.24
Scaly Leg Ointment400ml£11.34
Anti-Pecking Spray400ml£9.72
Red Mite X Concentrate For Poultry Housing500ml£16.02
Barrier V1 Concentrate5 litre£103.95
Barrier V1 Concentrate1 litre£26.73
Cod Liver Oil5 litre£32.20
Linseed Oil5 litre£32.20


Lumin81 litre£19.99
Lumin82.5 litre£38.00
Lumin85 litre£65.00
Active Dog500ml£7.95
Active Dog1 litre£15.50
Active Dog2.5 litre£32.00
Perfect Poultry500ml£5.75
Perfect Poultry1 litre£10.50
Perfect Poultry2.5 litre£22.00


Think Calm2.5kg£25.99
Think Calm5kg£43.99
Think Clear1kg£33.99
Think Complete2kg£19.95
Think Complete5kg£40.95
Think Complete20kg£76.95
Think Fly Granules4kg£33.99
Think Fly Granules8kg£60.99
Think Fly Granules15kg£100.99
Think Itch4kg£40.95
Think Itch9kg£80.99
Think Laminitix2kg£35.95
Think Mud1.5kg£31.95
Think Mud4kg£66.95
Think Pink2kg£12.99
Think Pink10kg£52.95
Think Sound2kg£39.99
Think Sound4kg£69.99
Think Sound10kg£149.99
Think TLC5 litre£15.80
Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement2kg£31.25
Foot Perfect Hoof Supplement5kg£63.55
Herbilix Airways8kg£15.10
Herbilix Original8kg£12.85
Herbilix Flystop8kg£32.99
Herbilix Flystop20kg£68.99
Foot Perfect Hoof Cream800g£12.95
Foot Perfect Spray300ml£13.22
Breeze Ease1kg£34.95
Breeze Ease2.5kg£72.95
Excelerate5 litre£40.65
Growth Xcell2kg£26.20
Irish Karon Oil5litre£25.99
Prolyte Plus Powder3kg£21.99
Prolyte Plus Powder7kg£39.99
TopFlex HA Powder1.5kg£58.10
TopFlex HA Powder3.5kg£113.30
Top Flex Liquid2 litre£60.99
Top Flex Liquid5 litre£125.99


Citronella-Free Roll On50ml£3.75
Citronella-Free Wipes40 pk£5.25
Citronella-Free Repellent500ml£10.50
Citronella-Free Repellent1 litre£13.99
Citronella-Free Repellent5 litre£57.99
Citronella-Free Midge Away400ml£13.99
Defleqt Roll On50ml£3.75
Defleqt Repellent Spray500ml£10.50
Defleqt Repellent Spray1 litre£13.99
Defleqt Wet Wipes40 pk£5.25
Defleqt Midge Away Cream400ml£13.99
Defleqt Midge Away Cream1 litre£24.99
Defleqt Midge Away Cream5 litre£99.96
Defleqt Repellent5 litre£57.99
Max Strength Roll On50ml£3.99
Max Strength Wipes40 pk£5.50
Max Strength Repellent Spray500ml£12.49
Max Strength Repellent Spray1 litre£16.49
Max Strength Repellent5 litre£63.99
Fly Free Zone500ml£7.99
Fly Free Zone5 litre£33.99
Germ Away Spray500ml£5.99
Germ Away Spray1 litre£9.49
Germ Away5 litre£14.99
Tick Away500ml£14.99
Ultra White Shampoo400ml£5.99
Ultra White Shampoo5 litre£39.99
Colour Enhancing Shampoo400ml£5.99
Colour Enhancing Shampoo5 litre£39.99
Just 4 Coloureds Shampoo400ml£6.99
Just 4 Coloureds Shampoo5 litre£44.99
Stain Away500ml£8.99
Lavender Wash400ml£5.99
Lavender Wash5 litre£49.99
Germ Away Body Wash400ml£6.49
Germ Away Body Wash1 litre£10.49
Coat Shine & Mud Repeller500ml£7.99
Coat Shine & Mud Repeller1 litre£13.50
Every Day Tangle Away500ml£6.49
Every Day Tangle Away5 litre£47.99
Show Shimmer400ml£9.99
Showing White400ml£11.49
Showing Black400ml£11.49
Patent Shine For Leather200g£11.25
Clean & Restore Saddle Soap400g£7.99
Seal To Heal100ml£9.99
Natural Aloe Vera Gel200ml£7.49
Natural Wound Care Cream200ml£9.99
Hoof Conditioner Natural200ml£8.49
Hoof Conditioner Natural500ml£13.49
Hoof Conditioner Black200ml£8.49
Hoof Conditioner Black500ml£13.49
Sun Protection Cream200ml£11.99
Anti Bite Spray500ml£7.49
Anti Bite Spray5 litre£55.35
Anti Parasite Spray500ml£8.99
Anti Parasite Spray5 litre£66.49
Pest Away Body Wash400ml£7.49
Pest Away Body Wash1 litre£14.99
Rejuvenate Body Wash400ml£6.99
Rejuvenate Body Wash1 litre£12.49
Purple Spray300ml£7.49


Gut Balancer400g£15.95
Gut Balancer700g£25.95
Gut Balancer3.5kg£112.00
Gut Balancer7kg£196.00
Quick Fix Syringe30ml£9.98
Acid Ease1.5kg£49.56
Acid Ease3kg£86.22
Recover Aid14 x 15g£35.35
Gut Bind30ml£16.29



Herbal Supplements For Horses

Bye Bye Itch2kg Tub£28.50
Calm & Collected1kg Tub£24.50
Cush X1kg Tub£28.50
Detox1kg Tub£23.00
Easy Mare1kg Tub£24.50
Easy Mare-VF1kg Tub£27.00
Equimmune1kg Tub£24.50
Freeway1kg Tub£25.00
Gastri-X1kg Tub£31.00
Herb Power1kg Tub£19.00
Herb Power2kg Bag£32.00
Multiflex1kg Tub£24.00
Multiflex2kg Bag£42.00
Senior Horse1kg Tub£21.50

Liquid Herbal Supplements For Horses

Calm & Collected Gold1 litre£23.00
Cush X Gold1 litre£25.00
Easy Mare Gold1 litre£23.00
Equimmune Gold1 litre£25.00
Freeway Gold1 litre£23.00
Detox Gold1 litre£23.00
Multiflex Gold1 litre£23.00
Nav X Gold1 litre£25.00
Releaf1 litre£25.00
Senior Horse Gold1 litre£23.00
Shake No More Gold1 litre£25.00

Himalayan Salt Licks

Himalayan Mini Salt Lick750g£3.15
Himalayan Salt Lick Baby1kg£3.60
Himalayan Salt Lick Medium3kg£7.15
Himalayan Salt Lick Large5kg£9.35
Himalayan Salt Lick Horse/Cow Block14kg£24.00

Himalayan Salt Blocks

Himalayan Salt Lick Block2kg£6.60
Salt Block Holder Green

Hilton Herballs

Herballs Shop Display Pack24 x 400gNA

Dry Herbal Supplements For Dogs

Senior Dog125g Bag£13.00
Mobility Support125g Bag£15.95
Top Coat125g Bag£13.00
Tranquility125g Bag£15.95

Herbal Supplements For Pigeons

Super Fit250ml£11.55
Re-Coop Plus250ml£11.55
Immunity Plus250ml£10.50
Super Sonic250g£7.25
Vita-Min Plus250ml£9.50
Pure Virgin Hemp Oil250ml£6.75
Garlic Juice100ml£4.00
Garlic Juice250ml£7.15

Herbal Supplements For Poultry & Birds

Daily Hen Health500ml£13.75
Daily Hen Health1 litre£24.50
De-Tox Gold250ml£9.00
Immunity Gold250ml£9.00
Airways Gold250ml£9.00

Natural Balms, Creams & Lotions

Bye Bye Itch Lotion500ml£15.00
Phytobalm130g Tub£14.00
Phytobalm250g Tub£23.00
Virex Cream130g Tub£17.00
Virex Cream250g Tub£29.00
Muscle Magic200ml£6.00
Muscle Magic500ml£13.00
TLC Lotion200ml£5.50
TLC Lotion500ml£11.00
Witch Hazel Distilled500ml£6.00
Witch Hazel Distilled1 litre£10.50


Blossom Shampoo200ml£6.00
Blossom Shampoo500ml£11.50
Blossom Shampoo1 litre£21.00
Blue Shampoo200ml£5.25
Blue Shampoo500ml£9.50
Blue Shampoo1 litre£15.75
Coal Tar, Neem & Tea-Tree200ml£6.00
Coal Tar, Neem & Tea-Tree500ml£11.50
Coal Tar, Neem & Tea-Tree1 litre£21.00


Veteran Horse Herbal By Hilary Self
A Modern Horse Herbal By Hilary Self


Allergallay1 litre£42.45
Best Friend (was Old Friend)500ml£23.55
Best Friend (was Old Friend)1 litre£42.45
Cushy Life500ml£23.55
Cushy Life1 litre£42.45
Defence1 litre£42.45
Devils Claw Flex500ml£23.55
Devils Claw Flex1 litre£42.45
E-Mmunity1 litre£42.45
Equicalm1 litre£42.45
Harmony1 litre£42.45
Kidney Tonic500ml£23.55
Kidney Tonic1 litre£42.45
Koff1 litre£42.45
Listen & Learn500ml£23.55
Listen & Learn1 litre£42.45
Mellow1 litre£42.45
Purify1 litre£42.45
Staying Power500ml£23.55
Staying Power1 litre£42.45
Tissue Tonic500ml£23.55
Tissue Tonic1 litre£42.45
V-Calm1 litre£42.45


Equiwash5 litre£56.56
Aromawash5 litre£56.56
Baywash5 litre£56.56
Whitewash5 litre£56.56
Cooling Sloshwash500ml£10.51
Cooling Sloshwash5 litre£56.56
Warming Sloshwash500ml£10.82
Warming Sloshwash5 litre£66.48
Top & Tail Serum150ml£13.26
Top & Tail Spray500ml£13.71
Fly Off Fly Repellent Spray1 litre£13.33
The Dogs Shampoo300ml£5.96
The Dogs Shampoo5 litre£56.56
The Dogs Sloshwash500ml£9.68
The Dogs Sloshwash5 litre£66.48
The Dogs Detangle & Shine300ml£9.95



No Bute Range

No Bute1 litre£16.50
No Bute2.5 litre£38.01
No Bute5 litre£70.04
No Bute Premium1 litre£24.41
No Bute Premium2.5 litre£51.47
No Bute Premium5 litre£77.24
Navilam 'O'1 litre£21.71
Navilam 'O'2.5 litre£45.68
Navilam 'O'5 litre£78.54
No Bruise Spray500ml£8.50
No Wheeze1 litre£22.80
No Wheeze2.5 litre£52.53
No Wheeze5 litre£98.75
Tranquil E1 litre£16.50
Tranquil E2.5 litre£38.01
Tranquil E5 litre£70.04
Hormonize1 litre£18.00
Hormonize2.5 litre£37.02
Hormonize5 litre£72.03
SP Settleze0.85kg£23.91
SP Relaxer Syringe30g£11.65
SP Relaxer Syringe60g£19.85
Immuboost1 litre£18.00
Immuboost2 litre£31.47
Immuboost4 litre£54.00
Heartbeat1 litre£20.01
Heartbeat2 litre£37.02
Heartbeat4 litre£66.54

Animal Health

Cush-Aid1 litre£19.97
Cush-Aid2.5 litre£45.72
Cush-Aid5 litre£84.54
HaemoBoost1 litre£19.01
HaemoBoost2 litre£35.52
HaemoBoost4 litre£56.03
Alert1 litre£18.00
Alert2.5 litre£41.52
Alert5 litre£81.05
Prozyme Powder E1kg£17.01
Prozyme Powder E2.5kg£38.52
SP Revive3kg£25.50
Wheatgerm Oil2 litre£15.75
Wheatgerm Oil4 litre£27.26
SP Cool Gel400gm£10.51
KL Kaolin Poultice Pouch150g£4.93
KL Kaolin Poultice1kg Tub£18.50
KL Kaolin Poultice4kg Tub£60.03
SP C-Vite1kg£12.51
SP C-Vite2.5kg£26.27
Garlic Oil & Fenugreek E1 litre£14.51
Garlic Oil & Fenugreek E2 litre£25.76
Garlic Oil & Fenugreek E4 litre£36.77

Oz Oil Range

Shampoo E500ml£7.51
Shampoo E1 litre£11.50
Shampoo E2.5 litre£23.40
Shampoo E5 litre£36.61
Spray E500ml£7.51
Spray E5 litre Refill£42.62
Lotion E1 litre£10.51
Lotion E2.5 litre£22.00
Soothit Cream150g£8.01
Soothit Cream250g£11.00
Superior Saddle Soap500ml£11.50
Leg Wash500ml£8.95
Leg Wash2.5 litre£35.03
Leg Wash500ml£7.90
Leg Wash1 litre£13.50
Fresh Frog2.5 litre£28.51
Winter Wash Spray500ml£9.76
Sheath Cleaner500g£15.26
Super Body Wash2.5 litre£24.01
Super Body Wash1 litre£12.91
Super Body Wash2.5 litre£29.70
Super Body Wash5 litre£53.57

Stablezone Range

Stablezone5 kg£18.70
Defence 71 litre£14.31
Defence 75 litre£55.01
QuipClean1 litre£8.50
QuipClean5 litre£25.00
Rug Clean1 litre£7.38
Rug Clean5 litre£25.51
Respiratory Mist E Spray500ml£8.50
Respiratory Mist E Refill5 litre£41.51

Groom's Choice Range

Super White Shampoo500ml£5.51
Super White Shampoo1 litre£9.00
Super White Shampoo2.5 litre£18.00
Super White Shampoo5 litre£24.75
Super Black Shampoo500ml£5.51
Super Black Shampoo1 litre£9.00
Super Black Shampoo2.5 litre£18.00
Super Black Shampoo5 litre£24.75
Super Red Shampoo500ml£5.51
Super Red Shampoo1 litre£9.00
Super Red Shampoo2.5 litre£18.00
Super Red Shampoo5 litre£24.75
Super Gold Shampoo500ml£5.51
Super Gold Shampoo1 litre£9.00
Super Gold Shampoo2.5 litre£18.00

Animal Hygiene Range

Parvovirucide1 litre£10.44
Parvovirucide2.5 litre£21.46
Parvovirucide5 litre£35.01
Odor-Kill500ml RTU£6.00
Odor-Kill1 litre£10.41
Odor-Kill2.5 litre£21.46
Odor-Kill5 litre£35.01


Cani-Flex1 litre£30.00
Cani-Flex2.5 litre£61.99
Cani-Flex5 litre£95.49


Aloe Vera Gel300ml£8.82
Arnica Cream300ml£9.45
Arnica Gel300ml£9.45
Conditioning Shampoo with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera500ml£8.10
Conditioning Shampoo with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera1 litre£11.25
Conditioning Shampoo with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera5 litre£43.20
Equine Petroleum Jelly BP300ml£8.82
Event Grease2kg£14.94
Fly Repellent Spray500ml£8.10
Fly Repellent Spray1 litre£13.50
Fly Repellent Spray5 litre£54.00
Citronella & Lemongrass Spray500ml£8.82
Citronella & Lemongrass Spray1 litre£12.42
Citronella & Lemongrass No Rinse Wash500ml£8.82
Hair & Skin Repair Cream300g£9.45
Hoof Moisturiser - Clear300g£9.45
Horse Linament with Witch Hazel & Arnica1 litre£9.45
Insect Bite Relief300g£9.45
Lavender Wash with Tea Tree and Aloe Vera500ml£8.82
Sulphur & Rosemary Cream300g£9.45
Louse & Biting Insect Powder350g£8.82
Louse & Biting Insect Powder750g£14.31
Louse & Biting Insect Powder1kg£17.26
Louse & Biting Insect Powder5kg£70.90
Mud & Rain Salve300g£9.45
Neatsfoot Oil2 litre£17.10
Sunburn Relief Cream300g£9.45
Sweet Itch Relief Cream300g£9.45
Tea Tree Antiseptic Cream300g£9.45
Tea Tree Disinfecting Spray1 litre£14.31
Tea Tree Wipes50pk£6.75
Udder Cream300g£9.45
Udder Cream1kg£15.30
Warm-Up Rub300g£9.45


MelaTec Non-Adhesive50pk 5x5cm£7.14
MelaTec Non-Adhesive50pk 7.5x10cm£15.48
MelaTec Non-Adhesive50pk 10x10cm£18.36
MelaTec Non-Adhesive40pk 20x10cm£27.96
MelaTec Adhesive50pk 7x5cm£9.18
MelaTec Adhesive50pk 7.5x7.5cm£13.39
MelaTec Adhesive50pk 10x10cm£18.84
MelaTec Adhesive50pk 20x10cm£25.68
GeloTec Gauze50pk 10x10cm£48.29
GeloTec Gauze50pk 20x10cm£83.76
GeloTec Gauze10pk Circular£10.68
GeloTec Gauze10pk 7.5x10cm£28.08
GeloTec Gauze10pk 10x10cm£35.40
GeloTec Gauze5pk 20x10cm£37.80
Alleviate Foam3pk 20x20cm£30.84
Alleviate Foam50pk 5x5cm£13.32
Alleviate Foam50pk 7.5x10cm£34.68
Alleviate Foam50pk 10x10cm£40.44
Stimulate Carbon40pk 15x10cm£43.86
PolDress Poultice10pk£47.88
PolDress Hoof Poultice40pk£87.00
ComBee V30cm£6.59
ComBee V45cm£7.46
ComBee T30cm£3.77
ComBee T45cm£5.35
ComBee T12pk 7.5cm£9.59
ComBee T12pk 10cm£15.00
SofTec12pk 15cm£19.79
Crepe Bandage12pk 7.5cm£31.80
Crepe Bandage12pk 10cm£41.28
WrapTec - Blue5cm£1.02
WrapTec - Black5cm£1.02
WrapTec - Red5cm£1.02
WrapTec - White5cm£1.02
WrapTec - Blue10cm£2.16
WrapTec - Black10cm£2.16
WrapTec - Red10cm£2.16
WrapTec - White10cm£2.16
ElasTec Bandage312pk 5cm £58.20
ElasTec Bandage312pk 7.5cm£79.49
ElasTec Bandage312pk 10cm£112.90
VetSet KitKit£92.22
Bandage Scissors2pk£35.47
Sealing Tape7.5cm£11.99
Stainless Steel Bucket15 litre£71.76
Kit BoxKit Box£45.91
Blue Spray200ml£10.61
Wound Healing Gel100ml£11.94
Clorex C25 litre£33.00
Clorex C2500 ml£5.88
Iodio P25 litre£35.88
Iodio P2500ml£8.28
KnitBan - Fix10pk 5cm£3.96
KnitBan - Fix10pk 7.5cm£4.74
KnitBan - Fix10pk 10cm£4.92
KnitBan - Fix10pk 15cm£9.36
KnitBan - Firm10pk 5cm£6.86
KnitBan - Firm10pk 7.5cm£7.08
KnitBan - Firm10pk 10cm£9.36
KnitBan - Firm10pk 15cm£18.22


Cod Liver Oil1 litre£10.88
Flax Seed Oil1 litre£8.10
Cider Vinegar Unpasteurised1 litre£3.85
Cider Vinegar Unpasteurised2.5 litre£5.95
Cider Vinegar & Garlic Juice1 litre£5.25
Cider Vinegar & Garlic Juice2.5 litre£10.80
Garlic Grains500g Tub£3.75
Garlic Grains500g Refill£3.15
Seaweed500g Tub£3.75
Seaweed500g Refill£3.15
Limestone Flour1kg£2.25
Seaweed & Rosehips500g Tub£8.93
Seaweed & Rosehips500g Refill£8.25
Brewers Yeast500g Tub£5.10
Brewers Yeast500g Refill£4.43