Foaling Alarm Servicing

We specialise in common British or German alarms, but will try to help you with any other system.   The cost of the service may be different to the standard price given as it will reflect the work done.  You will be advised of the price before you decide whether you wish to go ahead with the service.

Servicing includes minor repairs, a function check and cleaning.  Potential problems will be examined and corrected if thought necessary.  Some known design faults will be corrected.  We are proud to say that many units are better than new after their first service.

Transmitters at £18.00 per unit plus P&P

Mechanical and electronic servicing of sweat-based units.

We do not undertake repairs to harnesses which hold the electronic units.  You will usually find that your local services are best.  They can usually mend or adapt your harness to prevent your particular problem reoccurring at a reasonable price.

Receivers at £18.00 per unit plus P&P

Mechanical and electronic servicing of sweat-based units.

The cost for a receiver includes the service of its power supply.  There is no discount if the power supply is not sent with the receiver.

When should units be serviced?

Transmitters often have to work in demanding conditions.  If used for several foalings they are probably best serviced every year. Say it is used for a single foaling each year and is carefully maintained, examine it for any mechanical damage, especially to cables.  If it looks intact it may not need a service for several years.

Receivers suffer much less wear and tear and do not usually require servicing every year.  Depending on use, every two to five years will probably be adequate.

For peace of mind some clients send their whole alarm systems for servicing every year.  The cost is usually very small compared to the possible consequences of missing the warning that foaling is imminent.

The best time to send them is well before the season begins.  We try to accommodate requests for urgent servicing, but cannot guarantee to be able to fit them in to our schedule.

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